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Business Videos by SBVPro

It's no longer enough to have a static "brochure style" web presence. The average online shopper requires more interactivity in their online experience, and with the explosion of video sites like YouTube, it's pretty obvious where we're headed. In today's business environment video is KING and the people have spoken. LOUDLY! The numbers speak for themselves (scroll down to read the stats). And if you really think about it, is there any better way to introduce yourself, your team, your product, your BUSINESS!? A beautifully produced video from SBVPro is the ONLY way to get your message across, in a style that attracts the attention of all your customers. Young, old, male or female.

So if you're looking to enhance your online presence for an affordable price, give an SBVPro video a try! We'll guide you through the entire process, so you'll never have to worry about a thing. Just show up and do what you do best. We'll take care of the rest.

      Video Production Pricing:
        • OPTION #1 - Basic Video Tour of Business (1 minute 30 seconds) $299
          1. Music
          2. Video Tour footage

        • OPTION #2 - Interview Style Video (3 minutes) $449
          1. Music
          2. Tour footage
          3. Intro  (20 seconds)
            1. Who, What, Where
            2. Brief Description
          4. Owner/Spokesperson Interview (2 minutes)
            1. Brief Background/History
            2. Décor/Ambiance/Culture
            3. Special Event Menus
            4. Special Plugs
            5. Signature products or services
          5. Closing (10 seconds)
            1. Acknowledgment
            2. Call to Action
          6. Credits

        • Extra Video Additions

          Exterior Jib $300
          2. Professional Lighting $300

Did we mention that businesses with videos on their website do better in sales than those without?

Check this out:

77% of the U.S. Internet audience views online video - comScore Video Metrix, 2008.

Of those consumers surveyed, those who had seen a online video advertising a product or service:
47.3% went to a website,
19.1% requested information about a product or service
18.2% went to a store to check out a product
16.9% made a purchase.
- The Kelsey Group’s User View Study, March 2008

There was a 35% increase in the sales conversion rate among shoppers who viewed video vs. those who did not.
A SellPoint, Inc. study conducted by Coremetrics, November 2007

52% of people who see an online video ad take an action (such as visiting a web site or making a purchase)
- OPA Frames of Reference Study, 2007

52% of viewers take action after watching online video
30% of viewers visit a store after watching online video
30-40% increase in clicks for more information after watching online video
16-20% increase in phone calls after watching online video
- MarketingSherpa, Video Marketing Survey, November 2008 | Kelsey Group Study | TurnHere partner research